Field of study Law (final attestation)

  • Educational programme
    Years of admission
  • Uglublyonnie znaniya po osnovam prava
  • Educational programme
    Years of admission
  • Accounting and the economy of firms for lawyers
  • Civil legal protection of means of individualization in civile law of the Russian Federation
  • Contract Law
  • Corporate Lawyer
  • Corporate Treasurer of the Joint-stock Company
  • Legal Regulation of Building and Acquisition of Real Property
  • Legal regulation of the procurement of goods, works and services for state and municipal needs
  • Legal Writing
  • Notarial Practice
  • Notariate and Civil Circulation
  • Tax Councels’ School
  • The most important issues in real estate transformations
  • Educational programme
    Years of admission
  • Law
  • Educational programme
    Years of admission
  • Business Law
  • Civil Law, Family Law, International Private Law
  • Civil Procedure, Arbitration Procedure
  • Constitutional Justice
  • Criminal Law, Criminology, Penal Law
  • Criminal Procedure, Criminal Investigation, Theory of Special Investigation Activity
  • International Law
  • Labour Law, Social Security Law
  • Legal Regulation of Natural Resource Use
  • Medical Law
  • Tax Law
  • Theory and History of Law and State, History of Legal Doctrines
  • World Trade Organisation Law